The West Barnstable Fire District is responsible for the installation and maintenance of public streetlights in the Village of West Barnstable. There are 91 public streetlights in West Barnstable.

The fire chief acts as the Streetlight Superintendent for the Fire District.

To report a problem with a streetlight either call the West Barnstable Fire Department at 508-362-3241 or stop by the fire station at 2160 Meetinghouse Way, West Barnstable. When reporting a problem, please try to have the utility pole number (numbers tacked to the pole at about eye level facing the street) and the address of the closest building to the streetlight.

Requests for new streetlights should be addressed to the West Barnstable Fire Chief.

All of West Barnstable’s public streetlights were upgraded to new LED fixtures in 2014.

Typical Pole Number for Reporting Location – “102 over 1”.