Prudential Committee

The Prudential Committee is the three-member elected board that provides the executive governance of the West Barnstable Fire District. It is akin to a Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee in Massachusetts town government.

The Prudential Committee appoints the District Fire Chief/Manager, the District Treasurer and the District Clerk.

Prudential Committee meetings typically include a review of the fire district budget, monthly ambulance billing, a fire chief report of fire department activities, financial and operational planning and a review of on-going projects.

The Prudential Committee meets once each month. Occasionally there are additional special meetings. The regular monthly meeting is on the third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM at the following address:

West Barnstable Fire Station
2160 Meetinghouse Way
West Barnstable, MA


Fire District Clerk
Dan Furbush - Clerk
Prudential Committee Member (aka Fire Commissioner)
Ed Jay - Chair
Prudential Committee Member (aka Fire Commissioner)
Ed Smith
Prudential Committee Member (aka Fire Commissioner)
Dhiraj Malkani